Joining us

Agent to join



The seller should investigate that if jinmao do not have any sellers in this area. meanwhile, they need to know the potential sales space、competitors、jinmao’s competitive advantage and the return of payment in this area,etc.


Applicaton to join

Understand the conditions before applying to join(a,if there is no sellers in this area,then you are the only one agency of jinmao in this area in future;b, confirm the product price).then you need to present your application with detailed market research、resume、advantage.


Enterprise acceptance

The enterprise shall deliver the management notice and the joining form to the applicant within three working days after receiving the joining application report. The applicant shall fill in, seal and return the form in time


Enterprise approval

after receiving the joining form, the company should approve and notify the applicant within 10 days in time.


Sign the agreement

Both parties sign the agency agreement and strictly implement. at the same time, the applicant should pay a certain deposit.


Market sales

the agents should actively promote the product sales、bidding and do better in pre-sales、in-sales and after-sales service. meanwhile, collect the product sales and quality information so that it can make jinmao expand market share、obtain greater economic and social benefits in this area.